Freight, cargo, shipment refer to goods being transported from place to place. Freight is the general term for goods transported from one place to another by any means: to send freight from New York to New Orleans. Cargo is the term generally used for goods carried by ship or plane

Road Freight

Our In LAND services are available both through our efficient road transport network and our domestic multimodal (including rail, water and air) solutions. Using controlled networks and partners, which are all optimized by ensuring the best people, processes and technology available, is able to take care of your supply chain needs reliably day by day any size, any weight, anywhere, anytime, That’s our forte in Transportation.

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We have a global network and advanced logistics solutions, our air freight services provide comprehensive solutions for your air cargo needs. We can transport your cargo anywhere in the world. Wherever the destination of your goods and whatever your timescale, it’s our business to make your business run smoothly.

Air Freight

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Ocean Freight

Godways offers a large and modern fleet of containers that include dry containers, refrigerated containers with temperature control and special purpose containers. Our team can advise on the right sea container that allows you to accumulate and transport your cargo safely and efficiently. We use to recommend the indications of the CSC board at the time of loading, as well as taking into account the regulations of each country regarding weight restrictions.

Things we offer

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