Agriculture logistics

Agriculture logistics support service for the agriculrure machine market – Procurement and distribution Logistics.

We offer unique industry solutions for the agricultural equipment market. Our dedicated professionals have proven their expertise in this field. No matter what requirements you have, we tailor logistics solutions for every mode of transport: road, air, sea, rail transport. Whether project, procurement or distribution logistics – we make logistics solutions work for the agricultural industry.


Logistics for Automotive industry is complex and time critical – our professional experts provides comprehensive solutions.

In today’s globalized automotive industry, OEM‘s and 1st tier suppliers face a daily challenge to organize, manage and monitor their multi-modal transport chains. A complete traceability of materials at any imaginable point is a key factor for a successful supply chain management.


We meet your complete required solution.

We offer complete solutions for the beverage industry, made by people who speak and understand their needs in all sectors of the global market. Our employees provide local contacts that will serve your logistics needs for: beer, wine and spirits, juices and edible oils. Our comprehensive product range covers from full containers and trailer shipments, to complete Flexi solutions by sea, air, road and bonded warehouse.


Our integrated services and technological capabilities help you to be more productive and efficient with agile supply chain solutions that are fully tailored to your requirements and expectations, and those of your customers.

Logistics for the retailing and fashion industries need to be highly flexible as rapid growth and exponential change are the standard, not the exception. Managing logistics in fashion markets requires supply chains that are increasingly reactive with technology that can help teams make decisions on urgent demand. Goods that sell steadily throughout the year need different models of supply chain than seasonal items with short shelf lives.

Renewable Energy Logistics

These resources are future of the world energy resource.

Renewable energy sources are the future of energy resources. We provide and created special logistics solutions for wind andsolar. Our customized services such as product testing, spare parts logistics and packaging solutions are designed to optimize our customers’ supply chains. Benefit from our excellent industry expertise to your competitive advantage.


Redefining your service and cost.

We provide industry-specific solutions to a diverse range of sectors, including food ingredients and raw materials, machinery and components, packaged chemicals, construction, and manufacturing sectors.We operate industrial facilities specially equipped for storing hazardous goods, food ingredients and odd-sized equipment. Specific services to meet your industrial needs include repackaging, drum filling, hazardous goods labelling and logistics support system.


Pharmaceutical and Healthcare products are subject to special handling and strict guidelines – Godways knows how to care your logistics need.

The healthcare industry has strict regulations and sets high requirements for shipping and storing of life-essential products. We are capable on operational processes around these quality standards and offer you transparent and reliable supply chain solutions around the world. Together with our customers we define solutions for transportation management, warehousing, packaging, and value-added services.