Corporate DNA


The core fact of Godways is that we are a family owned company and we are proud of that. We promote the essence of what it means to be a family throughout the company. We encourage our members globally to build strong relationships based on integrity, understanding and mutual cooperation. The owners have always, and continue to be, directly involved in the management; each decision is taken weighted against criteria that reach far beyond short term outcomes. We ensure the long term viability of Godways so it continues to provide opportunities for generations to come.


At Godways , we create ,stimulate and empower such environment that attracts retains and nourishes good people. Through training, compensation and recognition, we encourage our people to develop their talents, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Our people are the essence of our success: they determine our customers’ perception of our organization. They directly affect the customer’s satisfaction and loyalty – and we understand that!


We are continuously looking for ways to enhance our ability to add value to our customer services so we can fulfill our customers’ needs and expectations. We strive to deliver the experience the customer truly wants, everywhere around the world, by listening to them and by taking time to know and understand them better. We take great pride in being a customer-centric organization, making sure we have our customers in mind in every task we perform.


Through entire business processes and high quality standards, we increase our organizational ability and operational efficiency. We look for every opportunity to minimize costs through improved productivity and excellent vendor relations in order to not only add to our bottom line but also enhance our value proposition to our customers.


we are serious about providing services on the principles of economical, ecological and social sustainability to create relationship and opportunities for future generations. We are sensitive and responsible to people, communities and environments in which we are active. Through these principles of a sustainable development, we ensure the future of our family-owned business.


Every day, ‘You and Me’ take new goals and challenges, whether it is related to shipment having to reach at its destination successfully, a particular work process undergoing modification, or new concepts being developed, ‘You and Me’ make it happen. ‘You and Me’ stands for our commitment to each other, enlightening us in times when we really need each other‘s support, inspiring us to joinhands together when necessary, and motivating us to work together. ‘You and Me’, relationships that last generation to generation.